Wednesday, October 19, 2016

HENkaku - KOTH Challenge Recap

As most of you know, Team Molecule (a collective of console hackers composed by Yifan Lu, Davee, Proxima and xyz) released what I consider to be a true work of art in the realm of videogame console hacking.

They released "HENkaku", a homebrew enabler for the PS Vita, almost 3 months ago.
Along with the release, they posed a challenge to the community: reverse what we've done in HENkaku and become "king of the hill".

As soon as HENkaku was out, I began looking into it and slowly tried to pick it apart. Most of my progress and findings were published in a collection of "pastebins" I scattered around the web.

The road was harsh, but I finally managed to crack down the full HENkaku's code flow a few weeks ago.
Now that I've finally had the time to put it all up together, I decided to publicly claim my title by posting the hash of a very important key. ;)

To make all the effort complete, I'm going to publish in this blog all of my previous progress first (as an attempt to aggregate the data from the "pastebins") and end it with a detailed write-up of the last and final stage of this awesome challenge.

Stay tuned!

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