Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Apologetic shenanigans

This is going to be a short post.

In my previous blog entry I shared my views on the 33C3 Nintendo Hacking talk. After chatting with derrek (one of the speakers) I have to admit how unfair I was.
There's a lot going on at events like these and speaking for a broad and curious audience is never an easy task.

I was very eager to learn more about the Wii U's boot1 that I ended up misunderstanding something very important: there is no XML parsing bug.
What derrek was saying is that there might be a bug in boot1, but it turned out to be too much of a boring task to look into it. Whatever the bug might be, it's not in the XML parsing code.
Taking that into account, it's quite possible that the nature of the bug itself (if proven to exist) may just translate into a complicated, or even pointless, exploit.
Also, I wasn't fully aware of how uninterested hackers and developers are in the Wii U. Now I see that the inclusion of the Wii U portion was more of a projection of what the team had achieved before moving on to different things.
It makes sense to detail attacks that interest people and such happened during the 3DS part. If the team decided to go into further detail on the Wii U, their audience would be fairly disappointed.

Apologies to derrek, naehrwert and nedwill for my caustic comments and misinformation.


  1. I don't know I did sort of feel the same as you, and when an audience member asked about the fault injection attacks they left it at "We won't be sharing that, figure it out yourself"

  2. it definitely still felt like they were showboating imo. sighax took 10+ months to crack the signature for, it's kinda goofy that they'd release other stuff but not that. that on top of the lack of glitch info for both machines.